Annual ryegrass

Italian Ryegrass


Tall fescue


Prairie Grass

Annual Ryegrass

SF Adrenalin

SF Adrenalin is a tetraploid annual ryegrass developed from three components and selected for fast establishment, good early feed and improved standability for fodder conservation.


Pinnacle is a new late flowering tetraploid annual ryegrass with an outstanding profile of desirable characteristics. It has good seedling vigour, excellent winter production, fantastic late season production and forage quality. It has outstanding rust resistance.

Red Gum

Redgum is a mid season varity adaptable to a wide range of growing enviroments. Excellent palatability and vigour. Suitable for Grazing, Silage and Hay offering excellent regrowth potential.


Big Boss

Big Boss provides high yields all season long. You'll enjoy fast recovery after each grazing or cutting, even late into the season. Big Boss was bred for improved resistance to leaf spot, rust and insect damage.

Italian Ryegrass

SF Accelerate

SF Accelerate is a diploid Italian ryegrass developed from four components and selected for high forage yields with rapid recovery after grazing. It is a late season variety flowering some 12 days later than Tetila types, and similar to Crusader.

It has good cool season production, but also excellent summer production and second year recovery. SF Accelerate has improved feed quality compared to other commercial diploid cultivars - consistently lower NDF and higher ME levels throughout the growing season

SF Indulgence Dip Q

SF Indulgence is the world first release of the unique new DipQ concept. The DipQ tag has been assigned to Seed Force varieties that have measured levels of improved quality which are drivers of animal production and can improve profitability.

SF Indulgence is a fine leaf, densely tillered and persistent Italian ryegrass. It has now demonstrated its DipQ status here and will set a new standard for short-term ryegrass in the market.

Perennial Ryegrass


Jacle AR1 Mid-diploid



Hustle AR1 Mid-late diploid


Marrathon LE

MARRATHON LE has improved early season production compared to Victorian and has been bred for persistence. Marrathon LE will suit farmers who require a medium term pasture with reduced animal health affects compared to wild endophyte ryegrasses. It should be considered a good value component of pasture blends.


Victorian Perennial Ryegrass is a locally grown ecotype well suited to its local environment. While its production is often less than modern varieties its ability to endure is a key feature of this variety.


Tall Fescue

SF Finesse-Q

SF Finesse-Q is a high yielding, densely tillered, soft-leaf fescue with semi-late heading. It is extremely persistent due to its dense nature and has no fescue endophyte. It has an intermediate growth pattern better suited to much of Australia’s oceanic climate, and has performed well in trials sown here in 2006. Its tiller density and high leaf quality make it well suited to dairy, beef and sheep. Its lack of endophyte makes it also suited to grazing by horses, goats and alpacas.


SF Lazuly

SF Lazuly is a new type of soft leaf oceanic cocksfoot with improved winter activity over SF Greenly. It should be sown at higher sowing rates to produce a fine, dense soft sward.

It has no adverse animal health effects from endophyte and good resistance to pasture pests.


Prairie Grass

SF Jeronimo

SF Jeronimo is a new highly winter active prairie grass with a broad fit for pasture systems where rotational grazing is used. It has similar maturity to Matua and has excellent capacity for re-seeding into pasture swards.