Our Services

AGF Seeds offer a wide range of services to help you and your business remain as productive as possible. With the latest in seed processing technology and low-risk production environments, we can give you the highest confidence in the end product you are searching for.


Seed production

With extensive production experience in all cereals, pastures, canola and pulses, we can offer a range of options on how best to deliver pure, quality seed. 


Seed processing

Our processing plant is capable of cleaning all major seed types with seed sizing/grading options available upon request. Speak to our experience processing team today on the options available to you and your business.

Our latest innovative product called SowPro for canola growers is available today! Contact AGF Seeds to know more.


import & export

AGF Seeds has international and domestic business relationships that ensure the safe and secure delivery of seed from and to anywhere in the world. AGF can also offer small quantity domestic production of seed once cleared through customs. 


Research, development and extension

Our team of trained research agronomists can help with best-practise management solutions to a wide range of plant types and cover crops/pasture mixes. With dedicated research equipment on hand, we can source and analyse commercial or trial size data needed for your business.  


seed colour sorting and coating

A recent addition to our processing capabilities is a colour sorting machine which can seek out most contamination's within a parcel of grain, even if it is a similar size or shape. This gives us even greater confidence in knowing the seed you are receiving is what it should be, with no contaminates.

Warehouse racking.JPG

storage and distribution

With our large capacity for storage and logistics, AGF Seeds can offer you safe storage of your product before being dispatched either around Australia or even the world. Speak to AGF Seeds today about the opportunity to increase the capacity of your business today.