Pasture Seeds

AGF Seeds supplies a wide range of Pasture Seeds for grazing, silage and hay production. These can either be sold as straights, or blended quickly as per your requests.



AGF has a range of grasses to meet your pasture needs including ryegrass, fescue, cocksfoot and prairie grass varieities.


AGF stocks a range of clovers including Red, White, Persian, Paradana and subclover varieties. 

AGF Seeds stocks a wide range of lucerne with broad dormancy ratings for either a pure stand crop, or as a part of a mix

Stocking all types of sorghums, we are sure to have access to the best sorghum for your region. Contact AGF Seeds today.

AGF Seeds has extensive research data on quality pasture mixes that deliver more productivity to your farm, or we are happy to discuss custom blends. Contact AGF Seeds today to know more.

Silage blends need to have quality seed and you can be sure that AGF will disclose the varieties within the blend to ensure you know exactly what you sow!