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SF Flourish

SF Flourish is a fast growing hybrid sorghum x sudan bred from selections from both Australian and USA genetics. It is an early flowering variety with improved speed to first grazing. It is high yielding with excellent re-growth for either grazing or cutting.

SF Splendour


SF Splendour is an ultra-late Photo Period Sensitive (PPS) hybrid sorghum x sudangrass.

It can be grazed or held over as a standing feed or hay and will not run to head like other earlier maturing varieties on the market.


SF Beamer

SF Beamer Hi-Gest sudangrass is a warm season summer annual grass which can be harvested multiple times during the growing season as pasture, hay or silage.

It carries the BMR brown midrib trait to reduce lignin in the plant for improved palatability and intake, resulting in enhanced animal performance when fed to dairy or beef cattle or sheep.


Crown is a highly productive, summer active C4 grass, usually used for grazing or silage production, with the remainder left as a stubble cover. With high quality feed with strong early vigour, Crown can be grazed from approx 600mm in height.

Crown suits late a spring/summer sowing period and has excellent water use effeciency.