Compass is a broadly adapted variety that is suited to all barley growing areas of Australia, including QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS, SA, and WA.

  • Exceptional grain yield
  • Domestic and export malt quality profile
  • Low screenings and high retention package
  • CCN resistant
  • Mid to early maturity
  • Medium plant height with strong straw and good head retention.

RGT Planet

RGT Planet barley is a new high yielding spring barley being introduced into Australia. It has a strong agronomic package that combined with its yield potential will make it an economic option for Australian barley growers. 


Exceptionally high yielding, broadly adapted, mid maturing feed barley.

  • Highest yielding barley variety in 2014 NVT nationally
  • Broadly adapted, mid-maturing feed barley
  • Ideally suited to environments where yield and yield stability is the top priority
  • Best performance observed with a May sowing
  • Good net form of net blotch and leaf rust resistance
  • Good straw strength and head retention

Scope CL

Scope CL was developed through a mutagenesis-based (non-GM) breeding program conducted by Agriculture Victoria Services Pty Ltd. Scope CL is a broadly adapted variety suited to most growing regions in Australia.

  • Excellent tolerance to Intervix herbicide
  • Approved for malting and brewing
  • High grain yield
  • Early to mid season maturity
  • Moderately tall plant type

Spartacus CL

Spartacus CL is an early maturing, potential malting barley and has a similar maturity to La Trobe. Providing a robust disease resistance profile, including resistance to CCN, Spartacus CL is ideally suited to low to medium rainfall regions of Australia.


Westminster offers growers and end users a unique combination of high yielding, outstanding disease resistance and valuable agronomic benefits.

All these attributes together results in a unique variety that offers a great deal of added value, as it is not only consistently high yielding, but is also simple to grow.

  • Fully Malt accrediated with Barley Australia
  • High yileding potential malt barley
  • Ideally suited to the high rainfall southern zone
  • Excellent all round disease resistance
  • Superior scald resistance compared to most current commercial varieties


Oxford is a top-yielding feed barley with broad adaptability & excellent resistance to lodging. It is a short-strawed, medium-long season variety that is photoperiod sensitive; remaining in a vegetative state during the peak frost periods, while responding to increasing day length in late September/early October. It responds well to early planting and is suitable for main season planting.

  • One of the highest yield varieties in NVT trials 2010/2011
  • A medium-late maturity barley with high yield potential, wide adaptation and excellent resistance to lodgin
  • Similar in maturity to Gairdner; large kernal size with good head retention
  • Resistant to Powdery Mildew and Leaf Rust
  • Moderate resistance to Net Form Net Blotch