Alestar barley is a Domestic Malt profile barley with medium maturity, 5 days earlier than Gairdner. Maturity is very similar to Commander and Compass. In South West Victoria Alestar out yields Westminster in higher rainfall zones, Alestar yields above or similar to Commander in other regions of Victoria and South East South Australia. Alestar has high test weight, low screenings and a bright grain colour. Alestar has resistance to covered Smut and is MR to Nematode (P.neglectus) and Nematode (P.thornei)

Banks Barley

Banks is a high yielding, mid-late flowering potential malting barley with optimum sowing time from 25th April through to 15th of May.

With it’s consistently stable yield performance, it’s ideally suited to medium to high rainfall environments.

RGT Planet

RGT Planet barley is a new high yielding spring barley being introduced into Australia. It has a strong agronomic package that combined with its yield potential will make it an economic option for Australian barley growers. Currently undergoing malt classification evaluation.


Rosalind barley is an exceptionally high yielding, broadly adapted, mid maturing feed barley.

  • Highest yielding barley variety in 2014 NVT nationally

  • Broadly adapted, mid-maturing feed barley

  • Ideally suited to environments where yield and yield stability is the top priority

  • Best performance observed with a May sowing

  • Good net form of net blotch and leaf rust resistance

  • Good straw strength and head retention


Spartacus CL

Spartacus CL barley is an early maturing, potential malting barley and has a similar maturity to La Trobe. Providing a robust disease resistance profile, including resistance to CCN, Spartacus CL is ideally suited to low to medium rainfall regions of Australia.


Westminster barley offers growers and end users a unique combination of high yielding, outstanding disease resistance and valuable agronomic benefits.

All these attributes together results in a unique variety that offers a great deal of added value, as it is not only consistently high yielding, but is also simple to grow.

  • Fully Malt accrediated with Barley Australia

  • High yileding potential malt barley

  • Ideally suited to the high rainfall southern zone

  • Excellent all round disease resistance

  • Superior scald resistance compared to most current commercial varieties


Bottler barley is a mid season maturity, high fermentability malting type barley with medium height straw. Bottler has shown adaptability to a range of HRZ and MRZ environments and has proven high yield potential. It exhibits resistance to Powdery Mildew and Net Form of Net Blotch (2017).

More information on Bottler barley will be coming soon.

Leabrook Barley

Tested as WI4896 and offically named Leabrook, this barley will be released in Spring 2019 and available to growers in 2020.


Oxford barley is a top-yielding feed barley with broad adaptability & excellent resistance to lodging. It is a short-strawed, medium-long season variety that is photoperiod sensitive; remaining in a vegetative state during the peak frost periods, while responding to increasing day length in late September/early October. It responds well to early planting and is suitable for main season planting.

  • One of the highest yield varieties in NVT trials 2010/2011

  • A medium-late maturity barley with high yield potential, wide adaptation and excellent resistance to lodgin

  • Similar in maturity to Gairdner; large kernal size with good head retention

  • Resistant to Powdery Mildew and Leaf Rust

  • Moderate resistance to Net Form Net Blotch