Lucerne is a deep tap-rooted plant with excellent feed quality and drought tolerance. Its main period of growth is from spring through to autumn and it may persist for over ten years.

All Lucerne varieties are summer-active, however they are divided into one of four groups depending on their level of winter dormancy.

• highly winter-active (8-10 rating)
• winter-active (6-7 rating)
• semi winter dormant (4-5 rating)
• winter dormant (1-3 rating)

The choice of cultivar should depend on its intended use and the environment into which it will be sown. For example:

1. Highly winter active varieties should not be sown into areas prone to heavy frosts.

2.Varieties intended for dual purpose use should come from the winter active range.

3.If sowing for hay production only, in a region that experiences heavy frosts, a winter/semi winter dormant variety would be best suited.

Pest and disease tolerance is also an important consideration. Lucernes can be affected by fungal diseases such as phytophtora (root rot) and anthracnose (crown rot), as well as by bacterial wilt and fusarium wilt.

Aphid resistance is also a desirable trait in a lucerne variety.

Rainfall: 400mm+ or Irrigation
Seed count: 440,000 to 500,000/kg
Sowing rate: 3-10kg/ha dryland or 10-20kg/ha irrigation 

Series 2

Winter Activity = 7

• Good grazing tolerance with strong pest and disease resistance
• Improved performance in cold, wet environments • Well suited to grazing and hay production with a broad crown and high leaf-to-stem ratio

Series 2

Winter Activity = 10

• Suited to cropping rotations, pasture mixes and year-round hay production systems.
• Improved forage production and persistence over SARDI 10
• Highly productive 3-4 year + option

Force 7

Winter Activity = 7 

• Able to withstand extended periods of set stocking. Improves stands persistence for rotations up to 5–7 years
• Good pest and disease resistance • Excellent production and quality over an extended period
• Handles medium to low rainfall zones along with high irrigation input systems
• Well suited to mixed farming zone to tolerate long grazing periods. Can also be used in high rainfall or irrigated situations


Winter Activity = 6

Proven Winter active variety.