Alfresco Forage Wheat

AGF Seeds is excited to bring a forage wheat to the market. Densley tillered, awnless, and leafy with fine stems forage wheat is an excellent alternative to forage oats and can help round out your forage system. Excellent grazing recovery, useful leaf disease resistance and good standability with improved lodging resistance over tall straw oats. A mid- tall height with a semi erect growth habit.

Key Features

  • Winter Feed
  • ‘Soft’ forage cereal option
  • Suitable for grazing, hay and silage


Broad adaptation to where forage cereals are currently grown.

Plant characteristics
Mid-tall height, semi erect, densely tillered, awnless spring wheat.

Spring wheat with slow maturity

Disease and resistances
Useful disease resistance observed for strains of rust. Contact AGF Seeds for more information

Animal Health
Treat as per other forage cereals

Key Uses
A grazing option due to its excellent grazing recovery and a hay and silage option as an awnless wheat that has demonstrated useful disease resistance, good standability and improved lodging resistance over tall-straw oats.

Alfresco is a Spring Wheat without a vernalization requirement. If a wider
grazing window is required, Longford Winter Wheat should be considered.

Mixes well with Vampire Ryecorn, Longford Wheat, Prodigy Ryegrass
and legumes such as Benetas Vetch.