Ranging from APW to Feed, from high rainfall to low rainfall we have a wheat that will thrive in any environment. Our flagship varieties BigRed and Stockade are industry leaders.

Winter Wheat

Red Feed 



FEED quality. An awned, red-grained winter wheat. Mid-slow maturing variety for medium to high-rainfall zones and irrigation. Suitable for dual-purpose applications when early sowing is possible. 

2022 saw the release of BigRed. At
that stage it had stood out with good
agronomic characteristics and had
almost hit 11t/ha in hyper yielding
trials. Since the release we have had many positive reports and can say that BigRed has succeeded in the field. EPR $3.65.


Red Feed 



For dual purpose (grazing and grain) growers with early sowing opportunities in medium and high rainfall areas and, producers of awnless quality wheaten hay including where weed seed set management and frost affect mitigation are needed. Sound disease resistance and usable resistance particularly for Stripe Rust and Septoria. In the highest grain yield group in long season Sthn environments with plant structure capable of supporting high yields, red feed quality grain. EPR $4.00.

Longford (AGF 4818)

Red Feed 



AGF 4818 will be released for the 2024 season and will be an exciting option for growers in Southern Victoria and Tasmania.

Having topped the FAR trials for yield in 2024 and boasting an incredible disease package this variety will provide and incredible option when grow in the right zone.

More information will be available in late 2023.

White Feed 


Slow-Very Slow

Waugh is a bearded, medium-long growing season winter wheat with class leading yields in the medium and high rainfall zone.

Waugh is the new benchmark for yield in white winter wheats. The variety has a good disease resistance profile with very good resistance to stripe rust. With short stiff straw, harvest quality is good producing large bold grain with a high thousand grain weight

Mowhawk (Available 2025)



Available 2025

Mowhawk has broad general adaption and is ideally suited to higher production areas and early-break scenarios. Has shown to be quicker to heading and 10-15% higher yielding than the current benchmark winter variety Illabo. Suits sowing from late March through to late April (Optimal sowing before Anzac Day), Mowhawk has an excellent all-round disease package, good diverse soil tolerances and an acceptable grain package.

Spring Wheat



Very Slow

Strong Disease Package

LongReach Breeders took Trojan and have improved on it with strategic crossing and selection. The result, a high yielding very slow maturity spring wheat for the long season areas of the southern market.

  • Extremely high yield potential
  • APW in Southern & Western Zones
  • Improved disease tolerance
  • A more suitable maturity
  • White, milling grain
  • APW Classification

A long term breeding program with the SE SA, SW Vic and Tas high rainfall zone in mind 

EPR $3.65

LRPB Raider



Flexible Sowing Window

Slow Spring maturing variety suitable for Early to Mid season planting throughout NSW and QLD. A high yielding variety showing stable yield performance across a wider sowing window and offering a secure disease and grain package suitable for all production environments. Raider provides growers with greater flexibility without compromising on yield performance. APH quality in NSW & Qld.

EPR $4.25. 

Anvil CL Plus



IMI Tolerance

Anvil CL Plus is a new quick AH quality, twogene IMI-tolerant variety with market segment leading yield. An alternative to IMI-tolerant varieties like Hammer CL Plus, Razor CL Plus and Chief CL Plus.

Anvil CL Plus is ideally suited to the fast finishing, low-medium rainfall areas of SA & VIC, delivering growers a robust grain receivals package for dependable grain deliveries.

EPR $4.25.



Slow – Mid

High Yielding

Rockstar is an exceptionally high-yielding, mid-slow spring maturing variety. It has an Australian Prime Hard (APH) classification in the South Eastern Zone.

  • APH classification in South-East (Southern NSW) and Northern (Northern NSW/QLD) zones
  • AH in Southern (VIC/SA) and Western zones

EPR $3.50




High Yielding

Mid maturity AH wheat with market leading yield that has consistently outperformed Vixen and Scepter Improved shorter canopy compared to Scepter with better lodging tolerance Improved Powdery Mildew (MS) and Stripe rust resistance (MS) over Scepter adding some minor genes for both diseases