SF Edimax CL

SF Edimax CL is a hybrid, Clearfield winter canola offering growers improved gross margins from both autumn/winter grazing and high potential grain yields.

  • Full season growing potential
  • Can be sown in HRZ from late summer until early winter to reduce peak time use of seeder
  • Increased income potential for autumn/winter graving when sown early
  • Excellent yield potential
  • Late maturity spreads frost risk
  • Sowing early reduces requirements for slug control when soil temperatures allow faster growth
  • High oil content

SF Turbine TT

SF Turbine TT is the first in a new series of TT hybrids to be introduced by Seed Force. Offering excellent early vigour SF Turbine TT gets up and establishes quickly for maximum weed competition.

  • Excellent early vigour
  • Moderate crop height
  • Up to 10% higher yielding than open pollinated varieties
  • Equivalent yield to other TT hybrids

SF Ignite