Forage Brassica and Herbs

Sf Greenland

Greenland fodder rape was bred in 2006, and has had great success in trials and commercial applications. Greenland is well adapted to sowing opportunities throughout the year, provided adequate moisture is available. Greenland provides abundant, highly palatable fodder from spring and autumn sowings, helping to finish livestock in summer and maintain livestock in winter. The variety also has a short, thick stem which allows excellent recovery and persistence through multiple grazings.

SF Punter

SF Punter is a deep rooted perennial herb providing outstanding summer productivity and feed quality. It has high mineral uptake and is extremely persistent. It provides a high energy forage with proven animal health benefits and increased animal production at a time of year when pasture quality is low.

SF Endurance

SF Endurance is a new forage plantain with improved feed production across all seasons. Plantain is a drought hardy deep rooted perennial herb well adapted to low fertility soils.

Existing varieties have either been winter active and early flowering or summer active and late flowering. SF Endurance provides similar winter feed to Tonic, but with improved warm season production.