Winter Wheat


The first of its kind, Longsword wheat (tested as RAC2341) is a true winter wheat that is relatively quick to mature, opening up sowing opportunities that haven’t previously existed for wheat. Unlike other long season varieties, Longsword wheat has Mace as its major parent, a variety that is specifically suited to the harsh environment of the low and medium rainfall areas. But unlike Mace (a traditional spring wheat), Longsword has three winter genes, meaning that it is a true winter variety with a stronger vernalisation (cold) requirement for flowering. However, once this vernalisation requirement is met Longsword progresses through grainfill quite quickly, similar to its parent Mace.

166 Secs on Longsword Wheat

DS Bennett

DS Bennett is a full winter wheat, with photoperiod sensitivity, such that it will generally flower 7-10 days later than EGA Wedgetail. DS Bennett’s photoperiod genes lead to a consistent flowering time across a range of environments generally occurring later in the optimal flowering window, thus helping to reduce the risk of frost exposure.

RGT Accroc

RGT Accroc wheat is a bearded, medium-long growing season winter wheat with potential for high yields in the medium ad high rainfall zone. It is a variety that has taken a high market share in France where its combination of earlier maturity, high yields and good grain quality has made it desirable for growers and end-users alike.

The variety has a good dieases resistance profile with very good resistance to stripe rust and good resistance to wheat streak mosaic virus. With short stiff straw, harvert quality is good producing large bold grains with a high thousand grain weight.

SF Adagio

SF Adagio wheat is a bearded, medium-long growing season winter wheat with a potential for high yields in the medium and high rainfall zone. It has been developed in France, Spain and Turkey, where it is grown primarily for its earlier maturity, its excellent resistance to fusarium and its bread making quality, having a particular good level of protein and specific weight.

  • Awned Red Wheat

  • Excellent leaf and stripe rust resistance. Stem rust will need to be managed in prone areas

  • Good protein levels

  • Mid long season wheat, 4 days earlier than Revenue

  • Good BYDV resistance

Excellent results in 2013 NVT topping Hamilton and Streatham sites.

Exclusive to AGF Seeds


Revenue wheat is a high yielding late maturity dual purpose winter wheat, suited to early sowing and grazing. Excellent early seedling vigour, coupled with good regrowth after grazing, gives excellent graving potential and high grain yields.


Manning wheat is a long season feed wheat, ideally suited to early sowing. It is one of a few varieties with BYDV resistance, which can result in significant higher yields over BYDV susceptible varieties when BYDV pressure is high. This BYDV resistance also reduces the need to use expensive seed dressings to combat BYDV.

Manning is a long season dual purpose grazing/grain variety capable of producing large quantities of forage for grazing and high grain yields. Its white grain satisfies a strong demand within the dairy and other intensive industries. Its long growing season makes it highly suited to irrigation where large yields are required.



LRPB Kittyhawk wheat has similar maturity holds to Wedgetail, controlled by 3 winter genes. The varieties typically head within a few days of each other. When compared to Wedgetail, LRPB Kittyhawk has been a few days quicker in warmer areas, while further South into Victoria and in cooler areas LRPB Kittyhawk has tended to be a few days slower.

The growth habit of LRPB Kittyhawk is similar to Wedgetail with strong tillering and a plant type that is similarly suited to grazing in the vegetative phase. Regrowth is more erect than Wedgetail with the leaf colour being a lighter green. LRPB Kittyhawk is medium height at maturity with improved standing ability over Wedgetail late in the season.

From a disease perspective LRPB Kittyhawk is a big improvement in Stripe Rust resistance (RMR) and has an overall improved disease package compared to Wedgetail. The grain package is also an improvement on Wedgetail with test weight being substantial higher, increasing the chance of meeting the higher delivery grades.

The segregating population LRPB Kittyhawk was selected from was initiated by the winter wheat breeding activities of the NSW DPI. It was reselected, yield tested and developed by LongReach Wheat breeding program.


Illabo is a dual purpose, winter wheat for grazing and grain production and is the highest yielding EGA Wedgetail alternative available. A mid winter maturity, 2 -3 days quicker than EGA Wedgetail. Illabo has excellent resistance to stripe rust and good resistance to black point and stem rust. AH quality classification in Victoria and SA.