Australian Grain & Forage Seeds is a seed production and marketing business. We aim to provide seed and independent knowledgeable advice to resellers and growers throughout South Eastern Australia.

We offer a comprehensive range of products including

Cropping Seeds - Wheat, Barley, Canola, Field Peas, Faba BeansTriticaleLinseed and Summer Crops.

Forage Seeds - Forage OatsMilling Oats, TriticaleRyecorn and Lucerne.

Pasture Seeds - Pasture Blends, Grasses, Clovers, Forage Brassicas, Fodder Beet,  Perennial Herbs and Lucerne.

Cover Crops - Cover CropsTillage RadishGlobal SunnDeepTill SummerMax and DeepTill™ WinterMax

We have also included a comprehensive AGF Seeds Tech notes on our website that is relevant to new and common broad acre varieties with analysis on maturities and disease profiles for the upcoming growing season.



We are located in Smeaton, Central Victoria, 30kms north of Ballarat and 60 kms south of Bendigo. It is 1.5 hrs west of Melbourne and we are well situated to service a wide geographical area across a varied agro-climatic zones.


AGF Seeds offer quality seed for cropping and pasture farming systems. Our extensive trial programme aims to identify the best performing varieties for the HRZ at our Smeaton demonstration site.  Farmer feedback also provides us with performance of varieties and gives us the opportunity to share experience and advice on varieties that will best suit your farming system. We strive to increase farm profitability by providing quality seed and proper variety selection that fits your conditions.


Advantages of using AGF Seeds are that we provide seed with quality assurances, which can not be guaranteed with farm gate seed. All certified seed has been checked by independent certification agencies. We also work closely with Highleaze Seeds that provide seed cleaning and treating services that assures resellers and farmers are purchasing a superior seed product without contaminates.



Please contact us about quotes or any enquires on varieties that may suit your farm system. 


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